----- CzDC -----

CzDC 0.699[D1] (32-bit)
CzDC 0.699[D1] (64-bit)

CzDC 0.699[C] (32-bit)
CzDC 0.699[C] (64-bit)

CzDC 0.699[B]

CzDC 0.699[B] (mirror by Gecko64)

Updated CZDC 0.699[A]

CZDC 0.666[Q]

CZDC 0.666[O]

CZDC 0.666[N]

CZDC++ 0.666[M]

CZDC++ 0.666[L]

CZDC++ 0.666[K]

CZDC++ 0.666[J]

CZDC++ 0.666[I]

Polish language file (Dunkers)

Hungarian language file (Vick) - Updated to 0.666[D]

Hungarian language file (Banyár Tibor) - Updated to 0.4033[B]

Hungarian language file (DirektX)

----- File with IP/Country database (for country in transfers) -----

ip-to-country for version 0.666[J] and newer

GeoIPCountryWhois from 6.2.2005 for versions before 0.666[J]
Homepage of CzDC
Peer To Peer [ P2P ] client for Direct Connect network.